As Anti-Trump Protests Continue, One Must Ask…Where Were the Obama Protestors?

This article was originally posted on on Nov 17th, 2016.

By Chris Wagoner:


I have been watching the news, along with many other Americans, and the media has been continually covering the “Trump protests” that have been going on in several cities around the US. I watch the protestors (if that is what you want to call them) and I just shake my head.

First and foremost, where were all the right-wing protestors when Obama won? Oh that’s right, there weren’t any of comparison. Where were the protests when he won the second time? Oh right, none. So why now and why after it’s a close, hard fought contest? I bet you can guess.

Have you noticed that the protests are not spontaneous, spur of the moment things? People are being bused into these protests, being paid to be there (check out the ads on Craigslist! LOL) and look at the signs they are carrying, professionally printed and made for them. So who is behind all these protests? Well, it’s the left of course, but what is striking about this is who the media labeled as the violent, angry, gun-wielding and likely to cause revolution? The right, Trump supporters were labeled as “deplorable”, violent, hate-filled people. Yet who is the group that are rioting and causing injury, attacking innocent people caught in the middle of these protests and damaging property of others? Oh that’s right the peaceful, calm, fun-loving left followers of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? The same people that “deplore” violence and want the country to be less divided and less hate filled are exactly the ones doing just that. They are violently protesting and calling for Trump to be assassinated (that was actually a reporter of all people!) and calling for others to do away with the Electoral College.

In other words, the Hillary and Bernie, peaceful followers of this type of thinking, who call for peace and coming together are the biggest hypocrites in this country, if not the world!! It’s all OK when we win, and when we get our way. But let us lose an election and we will burn and riot and call for the death of people, just because that’s OK if WE do it. The hypocrisy is so blatant that it makes me just watch and shake my head as these people demonstrate why Trump won, and why he was needed by this country so bad.

I watched, as some news show followers of the left, started crying and wailing and basically predicting the end of the world because Trump won. That’s when the Stock market finished at an all-time high, they obviously know what’s up. Our entitlement generation, who are constantly told that everyone is a winner, just got a wake-up lesson. Not everyone is a winner and sometimes you lose. Now pull up your diapers and get back to work helping to make this country great again!

Oh and just a word of warning to the protestors. In Florida, it’s against the law to block people in while they are driving their vehicles and not allow them to leave or have free movement (It’s called False Imprisonment in Florida), and you may not like the results if you try to do that here. We have 1.6 MILLION licensed concealed carry license holders, and its legal for anyone to lawfully carry a firearm in their vehicle including a rifle or shotgun (in the open and loaded, F.S.S. 790.25(5)). Maybe you should do something constructive not destructive, or face the consequences. No I am not calling for them to be shot, I am simply stating the fact that being arrested or shot may be a consequence that the protestors were not anticipating.

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