Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch Could Restore Firearms Rights Shortly After Taking the Bench!


“If they were to take that bold step, any laws that prohibit or restrict that right would be in violation of case law.”

It could be a huge blow to the anti-firearms rights people and a huge leap for individual rights and the 2nd Amendment when the United States Supreme Court meets later this year. A group of gun owners in California (yes the same restrictive anti-firearms state) has petitioned the Supreme Court to hear the case of Peruta vs. County of San Diego.

California law delegates the power to issue a written policy setting forth the procedures for obtaining a concealed-carry license to each city and county in Id. § 26160. San Diego County has issued such a policy. At issue in this appeal is that policy’s interpretation of the “good cause” requirement found in Sections 26150 and 26155 of California law. Now think about that for a minute. In California, you cannot get a concealed carry permit unless you can prove to the issuing body (county sheriff or city police) that you have a reason to carry above and beyond the fact that it is for self-protection.

Read the rest of the story here.

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