Concealed Firearms License Holders: Are They More Law-abiding than Police?


By Chris Wagoner:

I want to take a few minutes to ask you, you the liberal, anti-firearm, anti-citizen self-defense, pro law enforcement people out there: “do you trust law enforcement to protect you and your family from most threats?”

I hope the answer would be yes.

The vast majority of law enforcement officers are average Joes and Janes who have a family to support and are just trying to make it by doing what they feel is a job worth doing, to make everyone around them feel safer and be safer. If, in the process, they can remove threats to society as a whole and lock them up, that’s a plus. Cops are, for the most part, really good-intentioned people. Yes, we have our bad apples, just like most professions.

Read the rest here: the rest of the story…


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