Elected Sheriff In Florida Refuses to Follow Immigration Orders From ICE..

AR-604143597-1200x630“She has already shown she doesn’t care about national security, our safety, or following the laws of this country.”

I read the ICE Report that listed the ‘Sanctuary Cities and Counties’ that do not honor the requests of ICE to hold illegal immigrants. I was shocked (not really) to see my county listed in the top 10 in the nation for failing to comply with those requests!

The Sheriff in my county, Alachua County in North Central Florida, is Sheriff Sadie Darnell, a Democrat.  She said in a recent news article on this topic, “We do get a reasonable amount of (federal funds) — a couple of million dollars, I am not going to enforce a civil request, which is what a detainer is.” The Sheriff’s Office is the one law enforcement division in Florida that has a Civil Division and serves people in the county with any civil documents they are “ordered” to by the courts.

Read the rest of the story here!

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