San Bernardino School Shooting Doesn’t Meet Liberal Media Standards, Story Abandoned –

12-Cedric-Anderson-Karen-Smith-San-Bernadino-shooting.w1200.h630“This shooting did not involve an assault rifle but a revolver. The shooter was not an angry white male but black.”

According to news reports and standards set by liberal media, a “mass shooting” is any shooting where three or more people are shot or killed. Just the other day, another mass school shooting happened, this time in San Bernardino at North Park Elementary School. The shooter walked in, shot and killed a teacher as well as a student who was sitting at the table near her.  The gunman then turned the gun on himself. Another student was also wounded in the initial barrage of gunfire. The shooting should be a major story for the anti-firearms groups and Bloomberg’s paid activists to use to cry foul of guns and anyone who uses them.

So why have we not heard the usual crying about guns, mayors holding press conferences, and protests about guns by the local community? Why has the mainstream media not been carrying on about assault rifles or magazine capacity or all the other typical discussions that follow a mass shooting, especially one in which children are killed or wounded? Because this shooting did not fit the agenda they support.

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