The NRA is Asking Members to Support a Firearms Bill that Already Exists. Why?

460771157_2968411a06_b-1200x630Any thoughts as to why the NRA is asking members to support this bill?

In late March 2017, the NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislative Action), the branch of the NRA that helps to try and get legislation passed in states, sent out an email to it’s Florida followers asking them to support Senate Bill-646 which the NRA-ILA called an “Open Carry Protection” bill.  They went on to say they need members and supporters to email the legislators to ask them to support and pass SB-646.

What the NRA-ILA says is that this bill “removes the criminal penalties for violations of the open carry law and prohibits a person who has a concealed firearms license from being arrested and charged with a crime if their firearm becomes temporarily exposed to the sight of another person,” when it does no such thing. The bill actually creates a three strikes rule, and does nothing to remove the criminal penalties for a non-licensee. the email from the NRA goes on to say that the bill “is about stopping the abuse of law-abiding citizens who are licensed to carry concealed firearms for self-defense.”

Read the Rest of the story here.

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