Americans’ Respect for Police Surges Toward All Time High


By Chris Wagoner:

Contrary to what you hear from law enforcement political groups and talking heads (like some sheriffs and police groups, the Florida Sheriff Association for one!), the vast majority of police are not against legally armed citizens. There are a lot more for than against it. Just look at when and how most cops encounter firearms. Usually, a firearm has been used in a crime or is carried by someone they stopped on suspicion of a crime or some other illegal activity. Since cops are not in the habit of stopping legally armed citizens, they do not encounter them as much as bad guys with guns. In light of recent events—like the lawfully armed citizen in Florida who stopped and shot a criminal trying to kill a deputy on the road—officers realize that lawfully carrying citizens are not a danger to them and in fact may be just the opposite sometimes.

So it should come as no surprise that if you talk to most street cops and ask them if citizens who carry legally are a problem, the answer will be “no” in the majority of cases. What they will tell you is that criminals who carry guns are the issue and that when they encounter a lawfully carrying citizen, most of the time they are the most honest, polite, and cooperative people they encounter. Every concealed license firearms carrier I have ever met on the road as a patrol deputy was a great person. During calls for service or traffic stops, every time I ran into an armed citizen, they were the ones who seemed to be the calmest and most helpful.

Read the rest of the story here…

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