Women’s March Protester: “I Dream Women will One Day Have the Same Rights as Guns”


By Chris Wagoner, OpsLens:

I recently watched the “Million Women March” coverage and thought that, while we have come a very long way from where we were just about 100 years ago, women still do have some issues that need to be addressed. But rights? Do those who keep saying they want equal rights know that they already have them?

They need equal treatment– I agree with that issue completely! What made me laugh, and realize that some of the protesters may not realize just what they are talking about, was one sign I saw a couple protesters holding. The sign read, “I dream women will one day have the same rights as guns.” Really? I cannot imagine that these people thought this through very much.

OK, so let’s play that game. Some of these protesters think guns have more rights than women. First off, inanimate objects do not have any rights. Only people do, but that small thing aside, let’s just play along with their signs. If women had the same rights as guns, what would those women’s lives be like?

Read the rest of the story here: 

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