Concealed carry permits in Florida up 90 percent, firearms related crimes down 33%, how is that possible?

OK, I am the first to admit that results like that do not mean correlation or causation. But it sure is interesting and to see and makes one wonder if the numbers are not related in some way.

Firearm-related violent crimes in Florida have dropped by one-third in just four years, 2007 to 2011, while concealed carry permits jumped by 90 percent in that period. Further, violent crime of any kind dropped almost as much, 26 percent. Is there a relationship? Does the fact that more people than ever in Florida are legally carrying concealed firearms and violent crime has dropped 33+%!!! Remember they are saying that the “Stand your Ground Law” (really Justifiable use of Force Statute 790.012) caused murders to jump. If so how has it gone down, it can’t do both.

Florida’s crime rate dropped in 2013 to its lowest rate in more than 40 years!

“We’re at a 43 year low in our crime rate, and that’s impressive,” said Gov. Rick Scott in an article about this drop.


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