Why Is the Use of Force So Misunderstood and Vilified by So Many?

20160201_140207(0)-1-1“Criminals should not be given the upper hand and force victims to run away or flee before being able to defend themselves.”

In two separate articles both on the same topic (the justifiable use of force in Florida), Business Insider and The Root both tried to put a huge spin on the possibility of Florida lawmakers changing part of the use of force statute in an attempt to correct something that was changed by the judiciary and not the Florida legislators.

In Florida, the lawful use of force is governed by very easy to understand (and quite frankly, some of the best) self-defense laws in the country. Florida State Statute 776.012 is titled “Justifiable Use of Force, Use or threatened use of force in defense of person.” It’s not a long or wordy law, and many have incorrectly called it the “stand your ground law.”

Read the rest of the story here…

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