Moms Demand Action is having a national wear orange day to”end gun violence”. Little did they realize…

Lol. Moms Demand Action, or MDA, is trying to set a national “wear orange” day to show unity to end gun violence. Like that will do so much to help. But I get their messages and had to respond to this one. You can see what I wrote back to them. Know thine enemy. I may just have to take off and wear my orange hunting vest, or maybe just wear my pro self-defense shirts to their party.

Want to end gun violence? Teach people to defend themselves. Do away with gun free zones (called target rich environments). Learn how to shoot properly, and learn the laws of self-defense in your state. Why do I carry a gun? Because harsh words don’t stop bad guys with guns, and neither do signs, but an armed victim has a fighting chance.

And who was the stupid person that picked orange? That’s the color required by law for hunting!! All I can do is shake my head and chuckle.


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