For Floridians, LEGISLATIVE UPDATE! Important Firearms Rights Bills Information

For all those in Florida! Time to start calling and emailing your State Senators and Representatives.

The 2018 Legislative Session bills have started to be filed and a few are of interest that I am asking for your support by emailing and calling your local reps to ask them to support these bills.

1. is SB 240 filed by Sen. Baxley. This bill would make an exception for CWL holders to be able to carry concealed firearms ” on private school property if a religious institution, as defined in s. 23 775.0861, is located on the property.” Meaning that if your church also has a private school in or on the grounds, you may not be arrested for legally carrying a concealed firearm on the grounds, including the school and church grounds.

This is a needed bill as many religious institutions are targets for criminals and our children deserve the added security this can provide. The entire Bill can be read here:…/…/2018/240/BillText/Filed/PDF

2. is SB 218. A Bill sponsored by Sen. Farmer. This Bill is trying to make it more restrictive in how a person can store a firearm in their home. It does away with the part of the current law that does not hold the owner responsible should a minor break into your home and steal the firearm. This means that if you have no children in your home, and wish to have a firearm available for home defense, and a minor breaks into your home and steals that firearm, you are in violation of this law. That, of course, is ridiculous and this is a bad change to an already good law. I am opposing this change, and ask you do the same. You can find this Bill here:…/…/2018/240/BillText/Filed/PDF

3. is SB 196, is a clear attempt at an Assualt Weapons and large capacity magazine ban! THIS IS A BAD BILL and is trying to clearly infringe on your 2nd Amendment rights. Without going into details (because its a long bill) it tries to ban almost every kind of rifle and some pistols commonly owned and used today and any magazines over 10 rounds. It’s a clear attempt to circumvent the Constitution and a danger to the rights of ALL Americans, not just gun owners. I AM Strongly and Completly AGAINST THIS BILL in any form. It’s an attack on your rights and our Constitution! You can read the long list of firearms it tries to ban here:…/…/2018/196/BillText/Filed/PDF

4. SB 152 by Sen. Steube, makes the conducting of already required background checks easier by requiring the state to allow the processing of the fees required for such to be electronic in nature. This is simply making it easier for Firearms dealers to do the checks and pay for them. Any funds over a certain amount that this raises will be used to by ballistic vest for LEO. This BIll does not do anything to the firearms owners, buyers or any form of restrictions. Just a processing change and one that is good. I support this bill and ask you to also. You can read the bill here:…/…/2018/152/BillText/Filed/PDF

5., Bill is SB 148, by Sen. Steube, which changes the penalty for CWL holders who openly carry a firearm in violation of 790.06 from a misd. to a payable fine for the first 2 infractions. ANd also decriminalizes if a CWL holders firearm is “temporarily and
openly displayed to the ordinary sight of another person”. This is a good Bill and I support it. It prevents the arrest of a CWL holder who’s firearm is accidentally or temporarily displayed such as getting out of your car and it shows to someone, or like instances. You can read the Bill here:…/…/2018/148/BillText/Filed/PDF

6. SB 134 by Sen. Steube, would allow a lawfully licensed CWL holder to carry a firearm to the security checkpoints in a Court House and surrender the firearm to the deputies there, just like LEO’s do now. This prevents the requirement of having to leave the firearms in unattended vehicles and reduces the chance of theft from such places. This is an improvement to the current law and one that only affects CWL holders and would make their firearms more secure, not less. I support this Bill. You can read the Bill here:…/…/2018/134/BillText/Filed/PDF

I hope you will take the time to make your voices heard on these important firearms related Bills. It is important that the citizens of Florida make their feelings on these things and others heard by those we have elected to represent us. You can find a list of Florida Senators at

You should write each Senator separately and address each Bill separately also. One thing I have learned is they are a lot more receptive when you take the time to write a short, concise personal note and voice your support or opposition to a Bill. Be respectful, yet make sure to get your point across. For a subject line use the Bill number and write I support or I oppose.

Calling is just as important, but I would wait until AFTER the Hurricane to do all of this as all of us, including the Senators, are busy getting ready for the Hurricane. The numbers are also listed at the above web address.

Thank you for reading all of this and taking the time to write or call regardless of your opinion on these bills, I just want people to make their voices heard by the elected officials who make laws that affect all of us. If you have any questions regarding these Bills please feel free to ask. If I don’t know the answer I know people who will!

Now batten down the hatches and hunker down until the storm passes by, and we will all be OK!

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