2016 Murder by Weapon Shows how Misdirected Legislators, Media and Celebraties are…

With the release of the FBI 2016 Uniform Crime Statistics, it is once again very obvious how our media, social networks, and legislators all fall for the knee-jerk reactions to crimes that while yes very newsworthy, in the real world of crime and causation have very little effect on the grand scheme of things.

There has been a big push since the Las Vegas mass murder to ban certain parts of rifles. Also, there have been the typical legislative reactions to “ban assault rifles” and other such bills. All of these are completely based on emotion and not on facts and a real look at the numbers and what is and is not really causing the murders we see in the news.

First, lets look at the numbers from the FBI Violent Crime Report for 2016. If any reporter, legislator or other people interested in the real issues and causes would bother to research just a few minutes, they would find that those nasty, deadly, horrific assault rifles actually caused very few of the murders in the country. In fact, they rank second from the bottom as far as weapons used, only slightly ahead of shotguns.

2016 murder by weapon chart

Weapons like hands and feet, knives and other weapons (bats, sticks, others) kill far more people. Rifles were listed as the weapon used in 374 murders, while hands and feet killed 656! Knives and other cutting weapons killed 428% MORE people than rifles. And even hands and feet killed 174% more than rifles.


So let me ask why all the hysteria about banning rifle parts and assault rifles themselves when they are so far down the list of weapons used to kill people? Because the media and many of our political parties have an agenda. That agenda is to use any tragedy they can to further their agenda to remove the rights of the American people to own and possess/carry a self-defense firearm or own any firearm they so choose.

When we look at the numbers realistically we also need to look at the real causes of many of the murders in the US. Look at the offenders, are they gang-related, are they known to the victim, are they repeat offenders that have shown the propensity for violence? I think the answer to these and other questions we should be asking would be very interesting to people. But they will only be interesting and helpful if people were willing to listen to facts and not emotional appeals based on nothing more than misleading news headlines and fake anger at things that have very little impact on real crime.

Until people are willing to admit that our media, celebrities, and political figures are very uninformed and are not news sources we will not be able to have meaningful discussions on violent crime and what the real causes are.

To start you off here is a link to the breakdown of murder offenders by age and race. Think about this while viewing these numbers, what is the demographic make up the US, and what percentage of murders are committed by what groups, and against who? Is one group of offenders committing a disproportionate number of the murders? If so why? Are gangs, economic status, repeat offenders, and education things that have a bearing on these crimes? What about offenders arrested for other violent crimes? Here is a breakdown of those. Again apply the same thought process.

Until we can have an open, honest, and in-depth look at these and other issues that cause crime, we will not be able to legislate away the crime.




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