Who Runs Our Media and it’s Agenda? Not People who Support Your Rights…

When people read the news or listen to the news on TV they forget or do not realize (or worse do not want to admit to themselves) that they are hearing and reading only what the news wants them to know. Our press is no longer “investigative” or unbiased like it may have been years ago. Our media these days (with the exception of some independent internet sites) push agendas and ideas that they want the public to think and believe.
What if I told you that the media, for the most part, get their headlines and stories from a few very specific sources and they are required to word the news in a very specific way. You ask how can I prove this? Simply look at the images of a news feed. Notice how all of them word the headlines in very similar style to make sure that people read and see the word “murder insurance”. How more obvious could they be? You know that all of these “news” sources did not arrive at this wording on their own. Don’t you think this is designed to make people think that the NRA is bad and they are offering insurance that will help people get away with murder? Don’t fool yourself, that is exactly the idea the media is pushing.
People need to realize you no longer are being given just facts or news, you are being fed an agenda, one determined by the owners and keepers of the media. Read between the lines, read from all sources and sides. Like most stories, there are three sides, the left, the right and the real story somewhere in the middle.
Do not let the media direct your thoughts and ideas, that is just what they are trying to do.

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