But look at the United Kingdom! It bans most guns and they have…..growing gun and knife crime?

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the argument from the anti-firearms crowd “Look at the United Kingdom! They banned guns and have less crime!” And I am sure that very few of the people who say that have really researched what they are saying and just repeating what they have heard in some chat or tweet or post on one of the social networks. That, of course, is the case most of the time with these people, they do not research before making themselves look very foolish when talking with someone that has.

If you try a little bit of research (I think some people have not heard of Google) you would quickly find that all is not as quiet in the UK as some would have you believe. Crime, especially violent crime, including gun and knife crime (they classify that because it’s such a problem) is on the rise, and not just gradually, but rising at a rate that would alarm anyone that pays any attention.

According to law enforcement reporting (like our Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) here in the “states”), there has been a 13% increase in all police-recorded offenses across England and Wales, and even greater rise for violent offenses including knife crime, sexual offenses, and violence against the person crimes. Alarmingly there is a 27% rise in gun crime to 6,696 offenses, a 26% increase in knife crime to 36,998 offenses, robberies up 25% to 64,499, sexual offenses up 19% to 129,700, and stalking and harassment up 36% to 243,086 reported incidents. If we had a 27% rise in gun crime, we woudl be having a fit in the US, just like they are in the UK. But remember gun possession in the UK is highly regulated, some even refer to it as a ban of private possession, and they have a 27% rise in gun crime? Where are the criminals getting the guns then? Same place our criminals in the states do, the black market, illegally.

And since they do not allow law-abiding citizens to carry or own firearms except under very strict conditions, knives become the weapon of choice. Criminals will find a way. A 26% rise in knife crime? And along with that sex offenses are up 19%!


Those type of number, if they happened here in the US would be cause for great alarm, and rightfully so. But remember that many of the anti-firearms and anti-rights crowds hold the UK up as a shining example of what the US can be if we just outlaw firearms from private citizens. Really? That is what you want for the US? Double-digit violent crime increases and worse yet, law-abiding citizens being unable to defend themselves against it, which would just compound the issue and cause more victims.


So to all of you anti-firearms and anti-rights types, you may not want to hold other countries crime stats up against the US numbers. Remember that the US has most of the free worlds privately owned firearms, and yet we are not the leading country in firearms deaths per capita.

If more guns mean more gun deaths, then explain how we have bought more and more firearms in the US yet our firearms homicide rate has gone down by over 45%!


So it is obvious that some other countries that have restrictive gun laws and less ownership have higher and increasing firearm murder rates, while here in the US we enjoy our freedom, our Constitutional Rights, and yet continue to have decreasing firearm murder rates even though we have so many firearms. Sorry anti-firearms groups, you have no factual base to stand on and rely only on emotional outburst because of crimes that are made news by the anti-firearms media. Those of us who actually research and check our news before believing it know better, and the truth.


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