You Cannot Legislate Evil Away…

With the recent murder of 27 innocent people in Texas, the typical cry for more gun laws has started.

It doesn’t seem to matter that the psychopath broke multiple laws to get his firearm, and the government made errors in following its own laws and policies. But the cry for just one more law is still being raised.

What about the real cause of this and other mass murders, the lack of morals and values based on good verse evil. As a man of faith, I believe in the good in men. I believe each person has a possible bright future, they only need find it. I also believe that evil walks among us and that is why the good and righteous must be prepared to defend themselves or those unable to defend themselves from that evil.

Laws cannot legislate evil away. Evil will always find a way as long as man is around. But what can we do to lessen the impact of evil when it shows itself? We can be prepared to take action. When a murderer uses a car, or a bomb, our a knife to kill, there is no cry for more laws to control those things. Why not? Why only when a gun is used? I think it’s because a gun is a form of self-reliance, self-preservation, and the ability to fight back. And I truly think there are those that don’t want you to be able to do those things. Because if you can protect yourself, and defend yourself, you don’t really need those that want you defenseless.

Our country has slowly devolved into gratuitous violence, normalizing death and violence. The graphic nature of much of our entertainment lends to desensitize people to real suffering and pain. Most people have watched movie or tv killings so much when the real thing happens it has little impact. Our kids get higher scores for headshots and killing innocents in games. Is it any wonder that they have no problem murdering innocents in a church?

Now I don’t mean all are affected, but the susceptible ones, those that are a little easier to sway, fall for the evil that bombards us daily.

So to all you getting calling for more gun laws maybe you really need to look at fatherless families, violence in our entertainment, economic growth and development, mental health treatment, and following the laws we currently have.

Oh, and I am sure that the fact the murderer was shot by a citizen with a gun makes the argument for fewer guns a little more difficult. Had he been unable to have that rifle, the murders could have been much worse.

So let’s start a real discussion to lessen the carnage and suffering, let’s talk about what is acceptable to our society, let’s talk about self-responsibility, let’s talk about enforcing the laws we currently have better.

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