@Gunsense Says Ask Your Host if they Have Guns in the House!

I have to say when I read the tweet the first time it did not really register just how funny it really was. Then when I sat and thought about it for a second, it really began to sink in. Even though they later deleted the Tweet, Moms Demand Action (@momsdemand) thought it a good Thanksgiving Day tip to tell people to ask the host of anyplace they are going if there were guns in the home, alluding to the fact it was for the safety of the children.

What happened was fast and furious. As can sometimes happen to short-sighted tweets of silliness, the twitter world jumped all over them, pointing out that if you’re going to ask about guns, you should also ask about more dangerous things to children. And then one commenter hit the home run:




As his tweets showed, the original poster seemed to forget that guns are not the most dangerous things for our kids, and what else could he say. I thought that he did such a great job of pointing out the obvious, it was worth repeating here.

So to all of the @gunsense and @momsdemand folks, you may want to think a bit before you make foolish statements that people obviously see through as cheap attempts to swipe at the Constitutional Right to own and possess firearms, especially in the home.

And if I invited you to my home and you asked me if I had guns in the house, I would answer “Of Course! Don’t you?”. And if you said no, then I think you would not be invited back for Christmas dinner.

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