The Stupidity of the Anti-Firearms Crowd

OK I want to make a few points to all the Anti-firearms types out there.

With all the continued cries for the banning of this type of firearm or that, or increasing the age to buy a rile, maybe we should look at this without emotion and knee-jerk reaction. Even gosh forbid, put a little research time into something before you make yourselves look more foolish than you are.

First how big a problem are these supposed death machines (AR-15’s or the like). Well, the minor fact that they do not cause a large part of the deaths from firearms should be a small bit of the consideration. Rifles (ALL RIFLES not just AR 15’s) accounted for 374 firearms deaths in 2016. While that same year hands and feet caused 656, 175% more by hands and feet! Knives, on the other hand, caused 1604 deaths, or 428% more deaths than those terrible rifles. So if we are really trying to look at reducing the deaths by firearms, why are the anti-rights/ Anti-gun crowd focused on rifles? Because they can use huge newsworthy murderers like the Parkland School murders, or the Pulse nightclub to push for the banning of some type of firearm. WHat they do not respond well to is being told that they are focused on the firearm that kills the least number of people yearly. Just how smart is that?

Also one has to wonder if the anti crowd reads at all, or has the ability to look up something on Google or elsewhere. It is common knowledge among anyone who cares about knowing what they talk about when it comes to firearms that the average age of amass murderer who uses a firearm is 35. Yet there is this outcry to raise the age to buy a rifle to 21. In the light of the fact that the mass murderers are almost all over that age, what is this supposed to accomplish other than penalizing law abiding good people who wanted to buy a rifle? Again logic fails the anti-rights crowd.

Another idea being talked about is making it a mandatory waiting period for all firearms purchases. While this already is in effect in many places, it is not in all places. But again let us look at the facts surrounding the mass murderers. How many were committed by people that went out bought a firearm and killed with it within 72 hours (since that is what is suggested). I will save you the research time. NONE. So making a mandatory waiting period for these purchases would have saved a huge ZERO lives.

So let me make one final point that is seemingly beyond many of the anti-firearms group’s comprehension level. There is one minor thing that is preventing you from outlawing these rifles and many other things you want to do. That is called the Constitution. Many on the anti-rights side will say that common sense (which if you read the above information you will realize is the last thing that they are using) gun control is not prohibited by the Constitution. I beg to differ. You see the Constitution is plain and simple to understand. The 2nd Amendment is not long, confusing or obscure. If you (I know here I go again) research just a little bit, without bias, you find that the reason they wrote that very Amendment was to prevent the Government from prohibiting firearms being owned and carried by the average citizen. Because that is exactly what England tried to do to the Colonies just before the Revolution. And we all know how that went.

And last but not least, we live in a free society. One where the rights of the individual are more important sometimes than the rights of groups. That prevents mob rule. As Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Oh and good luck trying to take rifles away from millions of Americans and making them criminals just because they decided to exercise their Constitutional Rights. That is what led to the first Revolution. One only has to look at the last election to see what happens when you try and push the silent majority into being the vocal majority.

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