What Type of Person Wants to Give up Their Own Rights?

After seeing the groups of people marching around different parts of the country, and watching some of the videos of just how uninformed they are on the real facts and issues surrounding firearms, mass murders and violent crime in general, it brought to my mind a question that I just figured out the answer to.

What kind of person wants to have their own Constitutional Rights taken away? I thought about that for a very long time and could not come up with an answer. Being uninformed on the topic does not excuse it, being misled cannot excuse it. Someone telling you that it is for your own good definitely should not excuse it. Being completely ignorant of the Constitution and what it stands for should not even excuse it.

So what kind of person would rather give up inalienable rights, that we have had for over 240 years, to make absolutely no difference? What kind of person cannot see that regardless of what laws you pass, what kinds of guns you ban, the criminals will still get the guns, or turn to bombs, or turn to trucks to cause their carnage?

The school shooting in Parkland was a tragedy, for everyone, but what we are not addressing is the failures of the system already in place to address these types of people. Instead, we are focusing on the tool used and not one the person pulling the trigger, even though we had plenty of warnings that were not followed up on. Then just a month after Parkland a school shooting in Maryland was stopped by a good guy with a firearm. So which is it, they cannot stop them or they can? Well, obviously firearms can stop mass murderers, and have.

So back to my original question. Why would a person or group of people want the Government to take away their rights? When taking away that right will do nothing to change the outcomes they want to be changed?  Our rights, including the 2nd Amendment, have stood the test of time for more than 240 years and in that time there have been many things this country has gone through. Wars, recessions, many ups, and downs. Men and Women have gone and died in wars to prevent the take over of our world by people who wanted to do just the thing these people are wanting, the removal of your rights.

Despots like Hitler, Stalin, and others did the very thing that these people are asking of their own Governing body, the removal of the ability of the people to defend themselves. The removal of firearms, of the right to own and possess firearms, was one of the first actions taken by these dictators, just before the mass executions began. Why could they get away with it? Because the ability of the people to defend themselves was removed and a defenseless people are nothing more than slaves.

What makes this whole topic insane is that the numbers just do not support the reactions we are seeing. Many more things kill far more people than firearms do every year. Yet we do not see marches in the streets to make cars safer (although the technology is there), we do not see marches to end the drug epidemics, we do not see the marches to end medical malpractice. All of those things kill far more people than firearms. Yet firearms seems to become a lightning rod for anger and hostility from those opposed to ownership and those who want the right to own them. Why? What is it about the firearm that drives what should a be a sane and normal person into a frenzy that they will not listen to rational talk and common sense? Fear of the unknown? Fear of being helpless?

I think it is a lack of the basic understanding of just what our rights are designed to do and why you need them. Violent crime is way down in the U.S., that is a proven fact. Murder is way down, firearms victimization is way down (more than murder!). So why would this equate to people being willing to give away freedom they need to protect themselves? Because they have never had to use it, so they see it as not being needed. You see the U.S. has become soft. Violent crime is so rare people have become used to being safe that when we do have an act of violence like parkland, with the media and instant 24 news cycle we feel like its something out of the ordinary. Even though school shootings are way down since 1990.

So unless you have been the victim of a violent crime, or had to use a firearm to defend yourself, or carried one as part of your profession, I think your perspective is that of a person outside the experience and knowledge base needed to appreciate the need and even necessity for having firearms for personal protection and the ability to defend your rights from those that may wish to remove them.

So I get it, your scared because the news and others tell you that you should be afraid. You should fear those big bad assault rifles. You should fear those who want to keep their rights and be able to defend themselves. Why? Because someone told you that you should or you researched, made up your own mind because of the facts you uncovered? If you are fearful it is not because you should be, it is because you have chosen to not take your own safety into your own hands. You have chosen to be fearful, you have chosen to give your rights away, BUT YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to give mine or anyone else’s away.

If you don’t want to own a firearm, that’s fine, don’t buy one. You don’t want to own an assault rifle? Fine don’t, but you have no right to tell me I can’t. That’s the great thing about rights they apply to the individual, not the group. That is why they are called individual rights, not group rights. But most of all, you have no right to give away my rights.


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