To Those Who Want More “Gun Control” and Think We Have a “Gun Crime Epidemic” in the U.S.A.

I find it very distressing, and actually a bit disgusting, that there are people out there calling themselves “Americans” who do not understand the very basics surrounding the issue of firearms crime and use in the United States and yet are crying for the removal of certain firearms, or the reduction of the ability for law abiding citizens to arm and defend themselves. How can anyone with half a mind and says with a straight face that they are for disarming law-abiding citizens to try and reduce the number of murders by firearms in the US? In what fantasy world do they live in where murder, violent crime, school mass murders and virtually any other crime involving firearms has become an “epidemic” or “risen sharply”?
Why can’t those same people that cry for “common sense gun control” use that same supposed common sense they claim to have to look into and deal with the real facts surrounding firearms use and crime? The only answer I can see is that they have decided that they don’t care about facts, they don’t care about rights, and they don’t care about safety and would rather give up their rights to make themselves “feel” like they did something. I hear it over and over we have to do “something”! Why? And is a uniformed, ill-conceived something better than taking the time to look into the facts before taking action?
Let’s take a hypothetical situation and see what those same people think. Let’s say for discussion sake that we reduced or removed the vast majority of firearms from American society. And that after that was done, while murder by firearm goes down some, other violent crimes rise sharply. Crimes like rape, battery (hitting a person), and other physical crimes go up. The criminals are still using guns, but those citizens who would have been able to defend themselves before, no longer can so those crimes happen more and more frequently. And the criminals then also turn to using other weapons, say knives. In fact, let’s say knife crime and other crimes go way up, to the point that combining those crimes and the still happening gun crimes, the crime rate is called “out of control” and “worse than New York City’s crime rate”? What would you say about the firearms being the problem then? Well, this hypothetical is not so much one since it’s exactly what has happened in Britain.
In what reality does it make any sense to disarm the victims and let the criminals be the only ones able to use a firearm? How can that possibly protect people? Of course, it can’t. Removing the ability of people to defend themselves does absolutely nothing to reduce crime. If you had two people standing in front of a store, and a criminal was looking at who to rob, would they choose the person that they see is armed and take the chance of being shot or possibly killed, or would they choose the unarmed person who they know they have the upper hand on? Please don’t try the stupid line “well they can rob the person of the gun.” That’s idiotic. Of course, they would choose the easy unarmed victim. In fact, a 1985 Department of Justice survey of incarcerated felons reported that 57 percent of felons polled agreed that “criminals are more worried about meeting an armed victim than they are about running into the police. Did you read that? Criminals worried more about armed citizens than the COPS!
How can anyone who considers themselves an American EVER think about reducing or giving up the very rights our founding fathers fought and died for? I find it repugnant that people who live in this country and enjoy the freedoms they have become so used to they don’t realize they are using a right and are willing to give some up based on fear and nothing more.
Wake up America! Let’s set the record straight once and for all. DO NOT tell us, the law-abiding armed citizens of the U.S. that you only want to restrict certain firearms and pass “common sense” laws. Murder is already against the law, yet it still happens with and without firearms. The cry is for making “assault firearms” illegal to own (although there are millions of them in the US already and are one of the most popular firearms in the U.S.) is blatantly ridiculous in the light of the fact that more people are killed with hands and feet and baseball bats than those terrible “weapons of war” as they like to call them. Oh and that brings up the point, many against the owner of the AR-15 say that the 2nd Amendment does not say you can own such “weapons of war”, and that even if the 2nd Amendment meant weapons that you can use to overthrow a tyrannical government were protected, no one could fight the US military with AR-15’s. Yet it is a weapon of war? So which is it, either it’s a weapon of war and one that should be allowed under the 2nd Amendment, or it’s not a weapon of war and therefore should be OK to own. Make up your minds, please.
But the FACT of the matter is that murder in the United States is down from the highs in the 1980’s by 48%. While it has increased by single-digit percentages in the last two years (2015/2016) overall the murder rate down by almost half of what it was in the 1980’s. It still is way down over the last 30 years. So let me understand this, even though murders by firearms are down by almost 50%, it’s still an “epidemic”? Violent crime of all kinds is down it the US. All one has to do is look up the numbers from the FBI and Department of Justice. At the same time, while violent crime is way down and firearm crimes included, firearms ownership has increased dramatically. If firearms were the problem, would not the increase in firearms ownership and the number of firearms make the murder rate increase as well as other violent crime? It’s a simple concept. People claim that murders and shootings are increasing not decreasing. Yes, they are for the last two years only but are still 48% less than 30 years ago.
So to all those people who claim to know what they are talking about and want the reduction in rights and firearms in the United States, my simple question is this, WHY? What fact supports your stance for this need? There is none; you have nothing to base your “fear” on. You have been convinced by the media and anti-rights groups that firearms are bad and firearms murders are an epidemic, yet that is not the case. So now what? Now, what do you base your unfounded fear on since you now know you have based your fears and wanting for “common sense gun control” is no longer based on facts but media and anti-rights group bias. Anyone with half a brain and common sense and even a bit of intellectual integrity would realize that there are real issues out there that need to be addressed, and it’s not firearms.
So when you, those calling for the removal of rights, and the restriction of the ability of people to defend themselves, want to try and justify your position, come back when you have something to base that position on and can talk about real facts and issues. Otherwise, no you cannot have our firearms or our rights. That’s the beauty of rights; they are for everyone, even those that don’t understand them.

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