Trump Derangement Syndrom is Real! Professor Shoots Himself in Protest of President.

Ok just when you think you have heard it all, someone comes along and raises the bar of stupidity to a new level! And that bar just got set very high. A sociology professor at the College of Southern Nevada, Mark Bird, 69, was found collapsed and bleeding from a gunshot wound outside a bathroom on that campus.

Further investigation and on speaking with the Professor the Campus Police discovered that he had shot himself in the arm in protest of President Trump. That’s right, he shot himself in the arm, dropped the firearm in the bathroom and stumbled outside to collapse. All in protest of President Trump.

The police did say that they discovered a hundred-dollar bill taped to the mirror in the bathroom with the note “For the janitor” on it.

Now that he pulled this stunt, he is being charged with multiple firearms-related charges and faces several felonies, including bringing a firearm onto the campus.

When reading this news report, one must ask themselves, just what was he trying to show or prove, besides that he needs some serious mental health evaluation. Anyone that would shoot themselves in protest of anything has some very deep-seated mental health issues and needs to be evaluated. Some states even have laws that allow for involuntary admission to a mental health facility when someone is showing signs of possibly harming themselves. I think Professor Bird meets that criteria.

On a side note, to all the parents of college students there at the College of Southern Nevada, just think this man was teaching your young adults the subject of sociology One has to wonder just what he was teaching them in that classroom if he is unhinged enough to shoot himself in protest, how safe are his students?

One must wonder if the anti-Trump movement has become so deranged that if they are feeling the need to shoot themselves in protest, how long before they start shooting others in protest? Oh, never mind, that has already happened, and they have tried to stab other GOP members with knives, shoot up GOP baseball games and more. And the part that makes one wonder is why they accuse the GOP and law-abiding firearms owners as being those who are dangerous. I think I will continue to legally carry my concealed firearm everywhere, just in case an unhinged anti-Trump protestor wants to take a few of us with them when they decide to shoot themselves in protest. A word to all of them, get help for your mental disorder before you harm yourself or anyone else.

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