Facebook becoming Socialistbook?

Well for the first time in many years of using Facebook for various reasons, and being an administrator of multiple groups and pages, I found myself being cut off in the middle of a session.

I re-logged in and found that I was presented with a message that Facebook had found something of mine violated their “community standards” and it showed me this:

A quote about Socialism by Hitler, circa 1927.

Now I had posted that as part of a collection of memes. Anti-gun control memes. Now I know that someone probably had to complain since it’s a .jpg, and not readable as a general rule by text recognition programs. SO some poor little socialist must not have liked that I pointed out that Hitler was a staunch socialist also. Too friggin bad.

So to all my friends and rights supporting, capitalist loving Americans, post and re-post away! Have fun with it! Trigger a few little socialist and have them froth at the mouth and hyperventilate.

No, I will not remove it. History is history and if you agree with it or not, like it or not, it proves a point and that is that Socialism is and has killed millions of people across the world, and Facebook does not want people to know that.

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