Well after a short time away, I’m back!

I wanted to let those that read this paltry blog and follow my thoughts and articles that I have not written anything for several months for a reason.

The love of my life, my wife of over 25 years, Carla Wagoner passed away from lung cancer on Feb 12th, 2019. I have been adrift for a while. So for a few moths prior to that and a few after I have not been in the writing mood as one can imagine. Well I am trying to change that. Finding my new normal.

I have recaptured the need to write and express myself on various issues and hope that you will come back and take a look, comment and otherwise pass around the thoughts and articles on your own social networks. I have even downsized those to the very basics.

Twitter was nothing more than a collection of false information and people ranting at other people. Nothing was even accomplished. Even when you presented people with facts and data they did not care. Kind of like pointing out to a anti-gunner that while they call for more laws that MURDER was already illegal.

So for now my mantra is “Deus Vult” which translates to God wills it.

So sit back, enjoy the ride and be brutal in your comments and remarks, and as always feel free to email me at chris@chriswagoner.us!

2 thoughts on “Well after a short time away, I’m back!

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