Make your voices heard!! DO NOT let anyone take your rights away!


President Biden announced he was making several Executive Actions (different than Orders) that are designed to do nothing to save lives and only penalize law-abiding citizens, and naming his pick to head the ATF.

Write, email, call and otherwise let your US Senators and Representatives know you do not support President Biden’s appointment of David Chipman, former ATF Agent and now who is a senior policy advisor at Giffords, a group advocating for firearms restrictions!

We can stop it if the split Senate does not confirm him.

Also tell them you do not support any further restrictions on law-abiding US Citizens’ rights to defend themselves, regardless of the tool used! It is time for you to make your voice heard!

Do not sit idly by and let more of your 2nd Amendment rights be stripped from you. You have the God-given right to defend yourself and your family and the Government does not have the right to restrict that, regardless of the tool you chose to use as a law-abiding US Citizen!

You can find your Congress members here (on the right of the page):

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