NRA-ILA Blast Florida Carry Inc. Gun Rights Group for Not Supporting Gun Rights Bills.

DATE: December 7, 2017
TO: USF & NRA Member and Friends
FROM: Marion P. Hammer
USF Executive Director
NRA Past President
This is the 2nd of a 3-Part Report of the Senate Judiciary Hearing 12/5/2017

Florida Action Report: Florida Carry cuts off its nose to spite its face – AGAIN by Marion Hammer, NRA-ILA

Once again Florida Carry, Inc. has demonstrated a lack of concern for Concealed Weapons and Firearms License holders. License holders continue to be abused by law enforcement, prosecutors and the courts. When firearms, that are being lawfully carried concealed, accidentally become exposed to the sight of another person, license holders are being arrested for violating the open carry ban.

In Florida, there are 1.8 million law-abiding license holders. Every time they leave their homes, carrying a firearm, they run the risk of that firearm becoming exposed to the sight of another person and then being thrown face down on the street, arrested at gun point and treated like a criminal – because the wind blew open a jacket or they reached for something on a top shelf or a shirt got snagged and uncovered their firearm.

SB-148 would have helped stop some of the abuse but Florida Carry, Inc. opposed it.

You would think, particularly in view of Florida Carry’s recent loss in the Norman case before the Florida Supreme Court, that Florida Carry would be eager to pass legislation to protect license holders. Their lawyer defended a license holder, Mr. Dale Norman. Mr. Norman didn’t do anything wrong but because his firearm was accidentally exposed to the sight of another person, he was put face down on the ground, arrested at gun point, hauled off in a police car and prosecuted for violating the open carry law. The case went all the way to the Florida Supreme Court where they ruled against Mr. Norman.

But in Committee on Tuesday, 12/5/17, Florida Carry’s pursuit of perfection, became the enemy of the good. They testified in opposition to Sen. Steube’s SB-148 – Protection from Open Carry Abuse.

Was the bill perfect? No, it wasn’t. Was it better than existing law? Yes, it absolutely was better. Could it have been made better in other committees before final passage? Of, course. That’s the process. And this was only the first committee of three before it could go to the floor in the Senate.

But Florida Carry OPPOSED that bill.

Fortunately, the Second Amendment supporters on the committee didn’t pay any attention to Florida Carry (they still voted for improvement) and the antigun Democrats were happy because they can use Florida Carry for cover.

But here’s what Florida Carry DIDN’T DO: They didn’t try to fix any of the bills or amendments to make them better. They didn’t do anything but show up in committee and testify against the bills.

They’re fond of talking about what happened in 1987 like they were there and but they weren’t.

NRA passed right to carry in 1987 and it wasn’t perfect but it was better that nothing and it was a start. Year after year we have worked to improve it and make it better. Today, 1.8 million gun owners have licenses to carry concealed because we know the value of working one step at a time and making things better while pursuing perfection.

That worked well for concealed carry license holders until 2011. That’s when Florida Carry arrived on the legislative scene and effectively killed open carry for CW License holders.

Florida Carry’s folks, using Florida Carry’s name, made a barrage of threatening and bullying phone calls to Senators. They screamed profanities and threats at Senators demanding full open carry for everyone, not concealed carry license holders.

A bill that we could have passed in 2011 to allow CW License holders carry openly or concealed and prevent abuse of license holders, died because of Florida Carry. If it had passed then, we might well have full open carry today but we’ll never know.

So here we are today, still fighting to do something to stop the abuse of license holders. We’re no better off than we were in 2011 and Florida Carry is still working to kill bills that aren’t perfect. Eating an elephant one bite at a time means nothing to them. If they can’t swallow the whole elephant in one bite they’d rather starve – actually they’d rather make YOU starve. They’d rather have nothing upon which to improve. They want it all — right now — or nothing.

However, Florida Carry didn’t kill those bills in committee on 12/5/17 but they made it easier for the antigun Republicans to kill them. Florida Carry’s open opposition to the bill made it easier for them to justify knifing gun owners in the back.

THAT’S NOT ALL Florida Carry did in this committee hearing… but it’s just more of the same foot stomping for perfection at the expense of the good on Sen. Steube’s SB-134 Courthouse Carry. Their explanations of why they did what they did are pure pap. The only thing their self-righteous behavior does in the legislative arena is benefit the antigun organizations. Legislators will remember that – we will remember that.

Moms Demand Action should put Florida Carry’s representatives in red t-shirts and give them an award, because in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on 12/5/2017 Florida Carry sided with Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action – NOT Florida gun owners.

**MY NOTE – If this does not tell you about Florida Carry Inc. Not sure what will.




The U.S. House Judiciary Committee has passed H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, and it is now headed to the U.S. House floor for a vote. Please contact your U.S. Representative and ask him/her to vote for H.R. 38!
Your fundamental right to keep and bear arms should not end at the state line. This bill would ensure that law-abiding citizens do not lose the ability to protect themselves when they travel from state to state. And it would ensure that anti-gun jurisdictions do not harass travelers for exercising their constitutional rights.

Contrary to what Everytown (@everytown), Bloomberg, and other anti-rights group followers (#gunviolence, #gunsense, #STOPCCR) want you to think H.R. 38 DOES NOT:

– Allow prohibited persons to carry firearms;
– Create a federal licensing or registration system;
– Establish national standards for concealed carry; or
– Override state laws governing the time, place and manner of carrying concealed.

Do not let your rights be held hostage. The Democrats are trying to attach things to this Bill to make it not pass, DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!

Tell you’re US Representatives that you want HR 38 to pass AS IT IS WRITTEN WITHOUT AMENDMENTS!

Go to and find your Representatives and urge them, if they believe in the right to self-defense, and that it does not stop at state lines, tell them you, the people they work for, want them to vote YES on HR 38 without any changes.

You can read the Bill here, it is very short and easy to understand. Once you do read it, you will see through all the lies being told about it.

What Happens When Good Intentions go Wrong? When Fighting for Rights Become Second to Power and Money?

What happens when good intentions go wrong? What happens when people get used to being in power and controlling everything? What happens when they feel the money flow is threatened? What happens when the rules/laws are not followed by the very people that wrote them? What happens when people feel that their “good thing” may be found out? Their way is the only way!

Does that make you think of the state or federal government? Federal Senators or State Legislators?

Well, it sounds like it. But what if I told you that is a “grassroots” pro-firearms rights group? What if you found out that the group you thought stood for all the right things, actually wasn’t as stand up as you thought? What if you were a part of the leadership of that group and when you questioned where the money went, and why things were being done the way they were, you got labeled as a troublemaker and were no longer welcomed by the leadership. Even to the point of not wanting you to talk at all to the rest of the members. What if when you ask for something as simple as transparency, you get all kinds of anger and heat? What if this leadership told you that being a part of the leadership was a good thing, as you got to go to a meeting every year at the expense of the members? Sounds good right? Nothing wrong with that by itself right? But add that to the other things and you start to think.  

You would think that a rights group that ask its members for money would be more than happy to tell those members where that money goes. Like the NRA posting its yearly financial report. Nothing to hide, right? You would think that a group that professes to be for rights would honor the rights of all, including its own members to ask questions and to question what and why things are done. 

If you were paying to be a member of a group, and that group failed to follow its own rules it had written for itself, what would you do? Speak up? Be silent and become part of the silent majority? Or just ignore it all?

A group that supposedly stands up for people that fails to follow its own rules and bylaws, fails to have membership meetings as it requires, failed for years to post where the money goes, only to do so when it is forced to, fails to keep its members informed of just what it is doing and what it needs them to do, is not much of a “grassroots” stand up group if you ask me. But then, they would not want you asking me. If you did I would say it’s time for a deep look inside, time for a look at who and how things are done and why, as it is written in the bylaws itself. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, even when it starts out as good intentions.

Is it wrong to question things? Is it wrong to point out that they (the leadership) need to do a better job of being transparent with financials and what they are doing to help people get their gun rights back. Is it wrong to be the voice of the members that have no idea what the rules are. How can people question what they do not know is wrong or going on? Where is the openness and honesty? 

Honesty you say? Did you know how many members are in these groups? I was told they do not want those numbers made public. Really? Why? Yet we can testify to numbers before legislators, but when asked by a board member, it’s secret? Think ethics, honesty, integrity, and transparency and ask yourself, does my group stand for these things and follow them? 

They could be such a driving force for good and the firearms rights of all the people they profess to represent, but fail to see what has happened. And we sure don’t want the members and public to know about it, that could cause “change”, and we all know that is a bad thing. They even have a Board of Directors, selected by the two executive members. But they don’t vote on much, as the two executive directors have final say so on everything regardless of the other Directors. Heck, the other “Directors” can’t even call anything up for a vote, the Executive Directors have to do that. The Directors are there just to settle disagreements between the two Execs. They said so themselves, and yes I have that in writing. Some of the leadership is afraid to speak out because they know how they will get treated, so they remain silent, yet thank people who speak up, and yes that is in writing also. When leadership is afraid to speak up to other leaders, what does that tell you?

And no I am not talking about the NRA, they do all those things the right way. This group questions our government about things all the time, yet we are not allowed to question our own “support” group about itself. Before you send money to ANY group professing to be fighting for your rights,  find out how the money is used, how you can become a part of it and do things to support your rights, how often do they send out information on issues and things of interest, do they assist you in learning about the issues and current Bills being submitted in the Capital (State and Federal). Ask questions, if they don’t like questions, then that should be a red flag.

Fighting for your rights is as simple as signing up for notices from your state and federal representatives and senators and writing them and letting them know how you feel. Writing opinion pieces based on facts and real-world issues and sending them to your local news media outlets. Post rebuttals to opposing pieces, be heard. Don’t settle for “we are working on it, but can’t talk about it right now”. Those opposing your rights talk about it all the time, you should be also! Write your representatives and tell them what you expect of them, they are hired by you, to represent you, and they can be fired (voted out) just as easy. You only have this last election cycle to look at to see that. Educate people on the real facts surrounding firearms and self-defense, most people who oppose your rights are woefully uneducated about the topics you care about and know, so educate them. What is your group dong to educate the public at large? If you do those things you will be doing more than some groups and most people. Become part of the solution, not part of the problem.


You Cannot Legislate Evil Away…

With the recent murder of 27 innocent people in Texas, the typical cry for more gun laws has started.

It doesn’t seem to matter that the psychopath broke multiple laws to get his firearm, and the government made errors in following its own laws and policies. But the cry for just one more law is still being raised.

What about the real cause of this and other mass murders, the lack of morals and values based on good verse evil. As a man of faith, I believe in the good in men. I believe each person has a possible bright future, they only need find it. I also believe that evil walks among us and that is why the good and righteous must be prepared to defend themselves or those unable to defend themselves from that evil.

Laws cannot legislate evil away. Evil will always find a way as long as man is around. But what can we do to lessen the impact of evil when it shows itself? We can be prepared to take action. When a murderer uses a car, or a bomb, our a knife to kill, there is no cry for more laws to control those things. Why not? Why only when a gun is used? I think it’s because a gun is a form of self-reliance, self-preservation, and the ability to fight back. And I truly think there are those that don’t want you to be able to do those things. Because if you can protect yourself, and defend yourself, you don’t really need those that want you defenseless.

Our country has slowly devolved into gratuitous violence, normalizing death and violence. The graphic nature of much of our entertainment lends to desensitize people to real suffering and pain. Most people have watched movie or tv killings so much when the real thing happens it has little impact. Our kids get higher scores for headshots and killing innocents in games. Is it any wonder that they have no problem murdering innocents in a church?

Now I don’t mean all are affected, but the susceptible ones, those that are a little easier to sway, fall for the evil that bombards us daily.

So to all you getting calling for more gun laws maybe you really need to look at fatherless families, violence in our entertainment, economic growth and development, mental health treatment, and following the laws we currently have.

Oh, and I am sure that the fact the murderer was shot by a citizen with a gun makes the argument for fewer guns a little more difficult. Had he been unable to have that rifle, the murders could have been much worse.

So let’s start a real discussion to lessen the carnage and suffering, let’s talk about what is acceptable to our society, let’s talk about self-responsibility, let’s talk about enforcing the laws we currently have better.

FBI Crime Stats Demonstrate How Politicians Manipulate Tragedies to Fit Legislative Agenda – Fail to Address Real Problem

With the release of the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics for 2016, it is once again obvious how our media, social networks, and legislators fall for the knee-jerk reaction to crimes that have very little impact on the grand scheme of things.

There has been a big push since the Las Vegas mass murder to ban certain parts of rifles. There have also been the typical legislative reactions to “ban assault rifles” and other such items. All of these sentiments are completely based on emotion — not facts.

Read the rest of the story here…


Be aware of your surroundings on Nov 4th, 2017, and Carry Your Self-Defense Firearm!

As some of you already know, but many do not, Antifa (I refer to them as Anti-everything) is planning a nationwide demonstration on Nov. 4th, 2017. They are calling for all good anarchist to demonstrate in “in cities and towns across the country continuing day after day and night after night—not stopping—until our DEMAND is met: This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America!” I find it rather funny that the lawfully elected President of the USA is being threatened with removal from office (the innuendo be by force) by the same group of people that can’t tie their shoes without a YouTube video on how to.

So what will you be doing before and during Nov. 4th? Well, I plan on going about my business as I usually do. I always carry a self-defense firearm, so that is nothing new. I may add an additional magazine to my carry, just as a precaution. I also always have a long gun nearby, and that will not change. So other than that I plan on going fishing that day I hope. I will be avoiding any large public gatherings. I also will not be going into any major metropolitan areas. I don’t like large crowds.

But if you have to visit one of those types of places, or are unfortunate enough to get caught up in one of the demonstrations while driving through town, you need to know the laws of your state on self-defense! Of course, you should know those anyway, it’s just plain common sense to know what you can and cannot do to defend yourself and your loved ones and friends.

I wrote an article a while back about the demonstrations because of the election of President Trump. You can find that here: “Protesters be Warned”. It speaks of the laws in Florida but has a good overall view of these issues and refers people to their own states use of force statutes or laws.

With a recent article in the media about there being 3 million Americans carrying a self-defense firearm daily, and about 9 million doing it at least once a month, I think that with an added threat out there that this call to violence by Anti-America is, that number will increase. If you are a concealed firearms license holder and take your responsibilities seriously like you should then you will be making sure to refresh your memory on these types of things.

To Antifa, you may wish to consider following the laws on peaceful protest. Everyone has the right to peacefully protest, as guaranteed by the US Constitution. But what you do not have the right to do is break laws, damage people’s property, detain people against their will by blocking roads and traffic, threatening people, and of course unlawful violence. Just remember that the same people that wanted change in the US from the same old government we had for the last 8 years and elected President Trump, the same millions that carry a self-defense firearm daily do not take kindly to being threatened or having someone try and bash them with a protest sign, throw rocks or bottles at them all while minding our own business. We carry self-defense firearms for just that reason, self-defense. To Antifa, I say enjoy yourself at your peaceful protest, have fun, exercise your right, but turn that into a violent one, and you may have bitten off a bit more than you can chew.

But look at the United Kingdom! It bans most guns and they have…..growing gun and knife crime?

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the argument from the anti-firearms crowd “Look at the United Kingdom! They banned guns and have less crime!” And I am sure that very few of the people who say that have really researched what they are saying and just repeating what they have heard in some chat or tweet or post on one of the social networks. That, of course, is the case most of the time with these people, they do not research before making themselves look very foolish when talking with someone that has.

If you try a little bit of research (I think some people have not heard of Google) you would quickly find that all is not as quiet in the UK as some would have you believe. Crime, especially violent crime, including gun and knife crime (they classify that because it’s such a problem) is on the rise, and not just gradually, but rising at a rate that would alarm anyone that pays any attention.

According to law enforcement reporting (like our Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) here in the “states”), there has been a 13% increase in all police-recorded offenses across England and Wales, and even greater rise for violent offenses including knife crime, sexual offenses, and violence against the person crimes. Alarmingly there is a 27% rise in gun crime to 6,696 offenses, a 26% increase in knife crime to 36,998 offenses, robberies up 25% to 64,499, sexual offenses up 19% to 129,700, and stalking and harassment up 36% to 243,086 reported incidents. If we had a 27% rise in gun crime, we woudl be having a fit in the US, just like they are in the UK. But remember gun possession in the UK is highly regulated, some even refer to it as a ban of private possession, and they have a 27% rise in gun crime? Where are the criminals getting the guns then? Same place our criminals in the states do, the black market, illegally.

And since they do not allow law-abiding citizens to carry or own firearms except under very strict conditions, knives become the weapon of choice. Criminals will find a way. A 26% rise in knife crime? And along with that sex offenses are up 19%!


Those type of number, if they happened here in the US would be cause for great alarm, and rightfully so. But remember that many of the anti-firearms and anti-rights crowds hold the UK up as a shining example of what the US can be if we just outlaw firearms from private citizens. Really? That is what you want for the US? Double-digit violent crime increases and worse yet, law-abiding citizens being unable to defend themselves against it, which would just compound the issue and cause more victims.


So to all of you anti-firearms and anti-rights types, you may not want to hold other countries crime stats up against the US numbers. Remember that the US has most of the free worlds privately owned firearms, and yet we are not the leading country in firearms deaths per capita.

If more guns mean more gun deaths, then explain how we have bought more and more firearms in the US yet our firearms homicide rate has gone down by over 45%!


So it is obvious that some other countries that have restrictive gun laws and less ownership have higher and increasing firearm murder rates, while here in the US we enjoy our freedom, our Constitutional Rights, and yet continue to have decreasing firearm murder rates even though we have so many firearms. Sorry anti-firearms groups, you have no factual base to stand on and rely only on emotional outburst because of crimes that are made news by the anti-firearms media. Those of us who actually research and check our news before believing it know better, and the truth.