Some People Happy the Tragic Shooting in Las Vegas Happened!

here are people that are actually supporting the shooting Las Vegas and happy it happened. These types of people are the ones that divide and hurt America with their hate and evil. Want to call someone bigoted and racist? ]

Here you go, perfect examples.
God knows what truly lies in the heart of man, and he knows these people well.



It bothers me that people, a lot of people, fail to see the real issues with these shootings and other mass killings (cars and bombs also). It is not the tool, we have bombings, vehicles running people down, and yes guns. But it’s the people who commit these crimes.

Who can really logically and reasonably look at these things and not say that MURDER is already illegal and carries the stiffest of sentences, sometimes including death? But that does not stop these evil people from committing these crimes against others. What makes making new gun laws will stop any of this?

People are already jumping on the #guncontrol bandwagon and not thinking but reacting emotionally. We live in a society of laws, many of which were broken by the Las Vegas shooter. Does anyone really think he cared about the laws or consequences? He killed himself at the end of it, knowing full well he would be caught and punished. People are calling for the rescinding of the 2nd Amendment (not knowing how that works obviously) they want more “gun control”. But when asked what law would have prevented this tragic mass murder, they can’t name one except “ban guns”. Which of course will not happen. Thankfully the majority of Americans still understand why we have and need the second amendment.

To those asking for more restrictions, or more laws, or even the outright banning of guns, you cannot legislate evil out of people. You can legislate the ability for good people to be able to defend themselves, you can legislate the possibility of the next nightclub shooter meeting armed resistance instead of people hiding and dying. You can legislate the homeowner being able to defend themselves and their loved ones.

With 300 million guns in the US, you would never be able to legislate them away. It is simply impossible and against our Constitution. And for anyone that knows why we have the 2nd Amendment in the first place you know, that is exactly why we have it, to prevent the Government from taking them away.

So to all of you, anti-gun rights types and all of you that are crying something must be done to stop the killings, I simply say we already have those laws on the books, Murder is illegal, yet it still happens and will continue to happen no matter what laws you try and pass. Until evil is pushed back and things like God, Country, Family become important guides again for our families and country we will continue to see these things happen.

And just as a side note, while the media makes it seem like we are having these things more and more, overall, murder in the US is down by close to 50% over the last 20 years, yet the number of guns and ownership has gone up. Go figure.

President Trump Helps Out Marine, Shows His Respect for Military

Tonight on his way back from Germany while getting onto Marine One, President Trump did something that I have never seen any other President do in the past.

As President Trump approached Marine One, one of the Marines who stands guard at the door and salutes the President when he boards and leaves the helicopter, had his cover (military for hat) blown off.  Sticking to his training, he refused to break his position of attention and did not attempt to retrieve his cover.

See the Video and rest of the story here.

Don’t Rely on Your Taser to Get You Through a Gun Fight…

“I do not want to have to try and explain the finer points in use of force escalation and de-escalation to a jury while they are contemplating my possible future in prison.”

Recently, while browsing through Twitter (@downrangewithCW), I saw a post from a decent source advocating using “less lethal” for self-defense. On the face of it, I would normally say that is an option, but not for most civilians.

Firstly, less lethal was designed for law enforcement to be able to use another means to stop dangerous suspects while simultaneously being covered with a deadly force response. LL (less lethal) is a means of trying to stop someone that is not yet an immediate threat to anyone. Less lethal requires the use of a less lethal weapon or system to stop a lethal threat, unlike using something such as OC spray to stop a unarmed attacker.

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The Haunting Words of Secretary of Defense, the Honorable Jim Mattis…

Watch the Memorial Day Wreath Laying at the Tomb of the Unknown.

U.S. Military Videos & Photos

These are the words of the Secretary of Defense at the Memorial Day Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetary, May 29th, 2017. Very moving so I am not paraphrasing or editing this:

They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

Mr. President, Mr. Vice President, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Dunford, Gold Star families, everyone.

We gather here today with a shared attitude of gratitude.

Twenty-Three centuries ago, so Plutarch tells us, an old Spartan King observed, it is not the places that grace men but men grace the places.  Today we know that he was right.  More than a century ago, this 624-acre plot of land was a plantation on the…

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The Price We Paid – A Gold Star Family Legacy of Sacrifice…

This is why we are free!!!

U.S. Military Videos & Photos

Families that have lost a loved one in the line of duty in the military are called “Gold Star Families” and they hold a special place in the hearts of all veterans. Here is the story of a couple of those families for you to watch for this Memorial Day.

Remember that the freedoms we all have in the USA are not free and the cost of those freedoms is paid for in lives by those who have signed a contract with a price. That price is anything and everything they have up to and including giving their lives.

No greater love have a man than he would lay down his life for his brothers and sisters.

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