The Stupidity of the Anti-Firearms Crowd

OK I want to make a few points to all the Anti-firearms types out there.

With all the continued cries for the banning of this type of firearm or that, or increasing the age to buy a rile, maybe we should look at this without emotion and knee-jerk reaction. Even gosh forbid, put a little research time into something before you make yourselves look more foolish than you are.

First how big a problem are these supposed death machines (AR-15’s or the like). Well, the minor fact that they do not cause a large part of the deaths from firearms should be a small bit of the consideration. Rifles (ALL RIFLES not just AR 15’s) accounted for 374 firearms deaths in 2016. While that same year hands and feet caused 656, 175% more by hands and feet! Knives, on the other hand, caused 1604 deaths, or 428% more deaths than those terrible rifles. So if we are really trying to look at reducing the deaths by firearms, why are the anti-rights/ Anti-gun crowd focused on rifles? Because they can use huge newsworthy murderers like the Parkland School murders, or the Pulse nightclub to push for the banning of some type of firearm. WHat they do not respond well to is being told that they are focused on the firearm that kills the least number of people yearly. Just how smart is that?

Also one has to wonder if the anti crowd reads at all, or has the ability to look up something on Google or elsewhere. It is common knowledge among anyone who cares about knowing what they talk about when it comes to firearms that the average age of amass murderer who uses a firearm is 35. Yet there is this outcry to raise the age to buy a rifle to 21. In the light of the fact that the mass murderers are almost all over that age, what is this supposed to accomplish other than penalizing law abiding good people who wanted to buy a rifle? Again logic fails the anti-rights crowd.

Another idea being talked about is making it a mandatory waiting period for all firearms purchases. While this already is in effect in many places, it is not in all places. But again let us look at the facts surrounding the mass murderers. How many were committed by people that went out bought a firearm and killed with it within 72 hours (since that is what is suggested). I will save you the research time. NONE. So making a mandatory waiting period for these purchases would have saved a huge ZERO lives.

So let me make one final point that is seemingly beyond many of the anti-firearms group’s comprehension level. There is one minor thing that is preventing you from outlawing these rifles and many other things you want to do. That is called the Constitution. Many on the anti-rights side will say that common sense (which if you read the above information you will realize is the last thing that they are using) gun control is not prohibited by the Constitution. I beg to differ. You see the Constitution is plain and simple to understand. The 2nd Amendment is not long, confusing or obscure. If you (I know here I go again) research just a little bit, without bias, you find that the reason they wrote that very Amendment was to prevent the Government from prohibiting firearms being owned and carried by the average citizen. Because that is exactly what England tried to do to the Colonies just before the Revolution. And we all know how that went.

And last but not least, we live in a free society. One where the rights of the individual are more important sometimes than the rights of groups. That prevents mob rule. As Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Oh and good luck trying to take rifles away from millions of Americans and making them criminals just because they decided to exercise their Constitutional Rights. That is what led to the first Revolution. One only has to look at the last election to see what happens when you try and push the silent majority into being the vocal majority.

Why do I have so little fear? The Answer is Simple Really.

Sitting in Church today and listening to my pastor Philip R Griffin talk about being “confident” and why and how we can misplace our confidence I had a “God Moment”.

Philip talked about how we can misplace our confidence in many things. Titles, education, rituals and good works can all give us false confidence in ourselves. But that confidence really means little when it all comes down to it. I then thought about what I wrote last night about training and being able to handle the fear and stress of a critical incident and the possibility of being hurt or worse, killed.

That is when sitting there listening to Philip I realized why I do not fear these types of situations. Yes, my training and experience have helped me as far as the response and actions to take in those situations, and the repeated mental conditioning has also helped tremendously. But when it came down to it and I thought about it in the light of my faith, I realized I felt confident and able to handle these situations without much fear because of my trust in my faith and Jesus Christ and his promise. I realized it is because I do not fear death like I used to before coming to my faith and Jesus Christ..

Of course, I do not want to die. I especially do not like pain any more than I need to have for life, and I have had my share of pain. But I also realize that ultimately if I were to be killed, in an active shooter situation or any other way, I am OK with that as long as I was acting in accordance with my faith and my beliefs and trying to defend my fellow man. Christ has given me the calm, steady mind that I need to handle these situations. He grants me the quite calm thought process that is vital in emergency situations.

As I sat there today and realized with even more clarity and calmness, that because of my faith in the word of God and my unshakable belief in Jesus Christ, I truly do not fear any evil.

After the service, I walked around looking at some of my fellow church members, and one of our elders and man of God Dr. Steven Jones was standing not far away. So I walked up and talked to him about this very revelation. That is when he just confirmed for me what I was thinking. Dr. Jones simply said he sees me sitting in front of him with the earpiece to our security radios. And he thinks to himself if something tragic like a mass murderer were to come in, he would push his family to the ground and then like me, confront and defend his family. And he went on to voice exactly what I have said here. He has no fear of dying in that case as he knows his faith is unshakable, and he knows his ultimate destination is to be with Jesus Christ. I thank him for his honesty and his faith.

So why do I voice this publically here? Because I think that if you think you know how you will react in an emergency, it is even better to know why you will react the way you will. Mine is my utter and unshakable belief in Jesus Christ and that death has no hold over me. I will not be reckless or easily throw it away, but I know in no uncertain terms, my faith is my shield against the fear that many have and cannot overcome.

Thank you for reading this, and if you ever want to discuss my faith, or yours, please feel free to call, message, or email me and we will talk about it all you want. I can’t think of any better topic that makes a person ready to face life and death situations than having that God confidence in your corner.

Oh and thank you Philip, for being the man of God that I need in my life and a great example for others to look to. If you are looking for a church in the Gainesville area, The Family Church is a great place of God not just a “church”.

Being Afraid and Being a Cop..

As more and more details of the mass murder at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida come out, we also hear more about the actions, or inaction, of some of the Broward County Deputies at the scene during the murder response.

First, let me give you some background. I was a Sgt. In the 3rd Infantry Division, 981st Military Police Company. My job was to train security forces that guarded our nation’s nuclear weapons. After leaving the Army I became a Deputy Sheriff in Broward County Florida. I now train law enforcement recruits, people who want to be police officers, and also police officers in firearms and various police topics and tactics for a living. I have been doing so for the last 24+ years. I was a Broward Deputy myself back in the 1980’s and 90’s. I left the Broward Sheriffs’ Office in 1996 when I took a position as a Police Commander at Santa Fe College and took over supervising the Law Enforcement and Corrections Academies. I say all that so you know where I am getting my view and knowledge.

Police officers these days are facing more things that officers’ years ago did not have to face. Terrorism, homegrown radicals, mass murderers and more. Years ago officers in Chicago, New York, and some other large cities faced gangs and organized crime groups armed with machine guns and grenades. Today is not that much different. Today’s police are better equipped and trained than officers of those times.

What you cannot train for and cannot know until it happens is how you will react when the proverbial SHTF situation occurs. Having been involved in shootings myself, and multiple armed encounters with suspects, I can tell you I did not know how I would react, but ultimately I acted how I had been trained. But one important factor is I am not just talking about physical training like firearms and defensive tactics, but also mental training.

As my friend, mentor and favorite training officer I ever had, Sgt. Gerald Ward of the Cooper City Police Department once said to me, “We do not run away or hide, we move to the sound of the gunshots and put an end to it.” Gerry was a Viet Nam Marine Veteran and a really great cop. I was told over and over again, and continued to do this throughout my 35 years as a police officer, to visualize myself in situations I was heading into and see myself fighting my way through it. I visualized myself being shot at, and returning fire (that happened), I visualized myself getting in physical fights with suspects, and winning, and that happened many times, even though I was injured also on occasion. I prepared myself mentally to do what I was expected to do and would not allow myself any other outcome.

I worked with many Deputies and police officers over the years. Some I had standing by my side when we confronted armed suspects trying to pull guns on us and shoot us. One particular suspect tried to pull a .45 semi-auto on myself and Dep. James Garrison. Jamie and I both at the same time got hold of the guy and it was quick and dirty, but we walked away and he went to prison. I knew how Jamie would react, and he knew how I would. MAny days I was afraid while working as acop, and those days I just had to push through it and move on.

So I know many brave, upstanding law enforcement officers. I have trained thousands of them. And the thing that bothers me about this recent mass murder, besides the act itself and the victims, is the fact that it appears that some Deputies failed to take action while students were inside possibly being shot.

We train over and over for just such events. We go over what to do and how to do it. Without giving away our tactics and techniques, we are to locate, isolate and neutralize the threat. Either alone or as a small team, we are to go in and stop the threat.

What we try to train the new recruits and officers about is that you may someday have to put yourself in the direct line of danger. You may have to be the one to distract the threat away from the innocents and be the one that is being shot at (and hopefully returning fire also). You may even be shot or injured and must continue to fight on protecting those that you swore to protect. We tell them, jokingly yet in all seriousness, that you are not out of the fight until you are dead. When this reality hits some recruits, they quit the program. Which we would rather they do than get into the middle of a life and death struggle, and then realize they cannot take the needed action.

As police officers, we are not afforded the luxury of waiting sometimes for more help to arrive. We are the help that others have come to rely on. We must take action and when we do not, others may die as a result of our inaction.

One way to train yourself to be ready for these life and death situations, and one that we have found that works is to “bulletproof” your mind. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, a fantastic speaker on this topic has a 1 and 2 day series of speeches he gives all around the world on this very topic. I have heard Dave speak at least eight times and will attend again if given the chance. Something that those of us who choose to live the life of service to our fellow man can do to try and make sure that is along and faithful service, is to do as much as we can to prepare for these very incidents.

So I come full circle, back to the murders in Parkland. The situation surrounding the deputies that did not take the appropriate action of confronting the shooter as soon as they possibly could should be investigated fully. And short of any currently unforeseen reason, should face the punishment that is due them for such lack of action. They will have to live with their action (or lack thereof) but the victims of the mass murderer are not as lucky.

To the law abiding public out there who have lost some faith in the police forces that protect them because of this, do not think that the actions of a few represent or are indicative of the whole. There are far more brave, noble and ethical officers out there than those who are not.

How do we Stop Mass Murder like That in Parkland, Florida?

First and foremost I feel extreme sadness for the victims and their families of the recent school shooting in Parkland. Having been a police officer and traffic homicide investigator for my entire adult life I have seen my share of death and tragedy. If I have learned anything during those years it was that reactions to these types of situations usually are emotionally driven and do not really have any basis in facts or logic. I also trained security forces of the Army that secured our nuclear weapons. So I know a bit about protecting things.

The Facts on Firearms

Let’s look at a few facts so we are dealing in the realm of logic and real things that could make a real difference. First evil exists in the world. There has always been and will always be people that have some reason to hate their fellow humans and will try and harm and kill for various reasons. Regardless of the reasons, the outcome is the same and that is what we have to focus on. Also, we need to look and see if this a problem that is increasing, decreasing or staying the same. Why? Because that could have a bearing on what has or has not been working. Again logical, calm reasoning.

First has mass murder, or murder in general increased over time? In looking to the FBI and Department of Justice we find statistics that tell us the factual truth. Since a peak in 1993 Murder in the United States has gone down by over 40%. But that just does not seem right. The news, social media, and ability of news to travel at the speed of light has made it seem like these things are on a dramatic increase. How many times have you heard “We never had these things when I was a kid.” When in reality these things have been going on for decades. But with the instant media we have now, it seems like it has become an epidemic when in reality we are far better off now than just 20 years ago. Even violent crime is down in several categories.

Violent crimes per 100K people in the US went from 747.1 in 1993 to 372.6 in 2015. That is a drop of >50%! The chances of you becoming the victim of a violent crime, any violent crime, went from 79.8 per 1000 people in 1993 down to 18.6 in 2015, again a dramatic drop of >76%! But if you listen to the news and other sources, you would never know this.

Also are guns a problem in the United States? Again let’s look at the facts not emotions. Firearms account for around 11,000 to 13,000 murders a year. That is criminal murders, not suicides (firearms account for only 6% of suicide attempts) or defensive uses of Firearm. 13,000 murders out of a country of 350,000,000 people is actually pretty darn good. Yes if you are one of the victims or family of a victim it is not, but you are more likely to die from many other more common causes than being shot to death with a firearm.

And the last fact is about firearms, notice the focus of Congress and State Legislators on the “assault rifle”. So just how many people are killed with these “high powered” “killing machines”? For the answer, we turn to the FBI and DOJ again and guess what, rifles of any kind account for the least amount of firearms deaths except for shotguns. In 2016, out of about 11,000 firearms murders, only 374 of those were committed with a rifle. And if you know anything about firearms, a shotgun or pistol is a far better weapon for use inside a building. Pistols are used far more than rifles or shotguns, actually more people are murdered by hands and feet and knives than the big bad assault rifle.


What can be Done to Prevent or Lessen the Impact of Mass Murderers?

Well first let’s look at the causes that we do know about for some of these events. Bullying, terrorism, Workplace violence, mental illness, and others. So we can, of course, focus on some of those like mental illness, better treatment or better screening.

But those things are already being considered. Could we do better trying to find and screen those types of people? Of course.

Physical Security

But in reality, there are three things that actually can be done. First, if you look at places that we spend a lot of money to keep safe from shootings and violence they involve what is called physical security. “Physical security” is the term given to those things you can build or design and put in place that physically make it harder for something like this to happen. In the military, we used fences and blockhouses to secure the nation’s nuclear weapons (among other things of course). I have heard metal detectors mentioned, and fences and other things. Did you know that to build a new school to Fire Prevention standards adds millions to the cost of every school When was the last time we have a kid or multiple kids killed in a school fire? You haven’t because those things have worked and we have been conditioned and taught about them.

So my suggestions are along the same lines as the fire prevention people. Physical things like some bulletproof glass on classroom doors and entry doors, steel core doors that will stop bullets. Doors that can be locked remotely from the office. Cameras and microphones throughout the school are all things we can do to help limit access and stop or lessen the carnage. Metal Detectors are great, but how do you funnel 3000 students through them and into the school each morning without taking hours? All it takes is money. That is the killer of these suggestions most of the time. It cost too much, no one wants to pay for the required upgrades, even if they do save lives.

Add Armed Good Guys

Having been in law enforcement as long as I have been, involved in a few shootings, having seen it first hand, the only thing that will stop an evil person with a firearm bent on killing others is a good guy with a firearm of equal or better firepower. Why do you think police officers carry firearms? So when they are confronted with a firearm-wielding bad guy they can stop the threat, or at least shoot back.

So how would we get more good guys to put in places like K through 12 schools? Well in Florida Senator Baxley filed a bill that would address this issue. The Bill would allow retired LEO’s, Retired Military, Active duty Military and LEO’s to act as additional armed security at the schools. They, of course, would be trained by the local law enforcement, and be screened prior but having additional armed, trained personnel at the school might not only lessen the carnage if something happens, it may act as a deterrent if the future little murderer knew that there were a dozen armed and trained good guys with firearms at the school. Most mass murderers are cowards and kill themselves when confronted by an armed response. I would add to this allowing staff and teachers who are concealed carry licensed to be allowed to carry in the school if they wanted to. I know many teachers I have talked to that would actually go out and get training and get licensed to do this very thing if allowed. One told me “I would die to protect my kids, but I would rather see the bad guy die.” Words well spoken.

For colleges, since they are also a place where these mass murders have happened would be a simple fix of allowing campus carry. Since the college crowd are adults, those that already have licenses to carry concealed firearms outside the college should be allowed to carry inside the college grounds. What makes people think that those people that carry everywhere else should not be allowed to carry at a college to protect themselves? If you look back the last few years at where the college shootings happened, they were almost every one of them a “gun free zone”. Those places where staff and students of colleges are allowed to carry do not seem to have these mass murders. Why is that? Fear of getting shot on the part of the murderer I think.

And in line with this line of thought, get rid of all gun free zones. It has been proven time and time again that “gun free zones” do nothing to stop murderers. Only law-abiding people who are legally carrying follow that rule, and then become an unarmed target. Those people in Florida who are licensed concealed carry permit holders have been shown to be even more law-abiding than me and my fellow LEO’s! Actually 6 times more law abiding. So why can they not be trusted everywhere to carry, they carry almost everywhere now without incident. In fact, it again has been proven that there are times a licensed concealed carrier has saved lives, and some of those my brothers and sisters in blue. End all gun free zones for licensed firearms carriers.

An incentive to make places add security to allow licensed carry on their premises? Pass legislation making them liable for the patrons that visit them if they do not allow concealed carry legally and fail to make additional security measurements to protect their patrons.

Train People in and Make it Easier to Report Suspicious Behavior

Educate our children, and adults, on what to look for and who to report things that make them worry about someone or someone’s behavior. The “See something, say something” that is the current phrase used to remind people to report these things is great, but we need to not only teach kids and adults what to look for, but also our social networks, internet providers, and others also need to be encouraged if not mandated to report anything that would be considered threatening or dangerous in nature that is directed at a location, school or group.

This last mass school murderer had all kinds of warning signs, and those were reported to the FBI, yet it appears they failed to follow through on the information. This is unacceptable and those responsible should be held accountable. But in the future, policy and procedures need to be put in place to make sure that if something is reported it is followed up on. In line with this, there also needs to be a way for a person wrongly targeted by this attention by authorities to be cleared and the information disposed of when it is found to be nothing of importance.

What Should We Not Do?

Let’s talk reality. It is beyond the point that we need people who have no clue that it would be physically impossible to remove firearms from the people of the USA. There are far too many and far too many people own them now legally without causing any problems at all. Those people who are calling for “gun control” or “bans” have no clue that what they are truly asking is to make millions of Americans into criminals because they chose to arm themselves in order to protect themselves and their families. Confiscation just is not physically or logistically possible, nor would it be Constitutional so let’s stop talking about it.

We should not waste our time or government time on passing more restrictive laws that will not stop a single mass murderer. Why do people not realize that murder is already illegal and carries very stiff penalties yet happens? Mass murderers are not deterred by laws already on the books, what makes any logical smart person think a new law will change that. If you disagree, I have a challenge for you. Name one law that if passed would have stopped one single mass murderer in the last 5 years. I wouldn’t waste your time trying, there is none.

So if we want to stop or lessen the carnage, make physical changes to our schools, just like we did to help prevent fire deaths. Allow qualified, trained armed security to supplement our schools’ law enforcement presence. While we can’t put squads of armed cops in every school, we could probably get enough volunteers to make a difference! And last get rid of the completely ineffective, pointless gun free zones. They do not work and only make for “target rich environments” for someone bent on making high body counts out of unarmed helpless victims.

“All it Takes is for You to do Nothing!” or “How to lose your Rights in one Easy Step!”

via All it Takes is for You to do Nothing! 

Sometimes I get very frustrated with the entire pro-firearms and pro-rights movement in general. I recently had to take some time off for a death in the family and did not write or share things online as much as normal. I did, however, read a bit more and was a little shocked at what I took as a lack of activity, or maybe concern, on the part of those who profess to be champions for peoples right to bear arms, and self-defense in general.

If I have learned anything from my involvement in the past several years in the pro-rights movement, it is that information (and information sharing) is key. The more you are informed, and inform others, the more people share information, and even sometimes, get involved in actually doing something. Actively participating in something that is designed to help you maintain and even get back some of your rights the government has restricted over the years should be up there on the list of things to do. Without those rights, you are nothing more than a government regulated possession, beholden to the government for your very existence. Is that how you want to live? Not me.

We all enjoy many freedoms in the United States of America. We have the freedom of speech (most of the time), the freedom of religion (or freedom from religion) and the freedom to be secure in your person and home (again most of the time), but like all of our freedoms, these things have been scrutinized over time, and on occasion, they have been modified or changed or otherwise restricted by over-reaching Judges and Courts to try and justify actions of the Government, or to try and restrict the actions of the Government, more the former and much less of the later.

In Florida this year we have many anti-firearms bills being submitted by our Legislators that are nothing more than bills designed to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens even more than they already are. Most are emotionally driven, pointless responses to the senseless murders of innocent people. They act like new laws will stop an evil person bent on murder from committing that murder. If the punishment for murder (life in prison or death in Florida) is not enough, what makes them think more laws will help?

It is not enough for some that you have to pay a fee to get a license to exercise your Constitutional right to bear arms and protect yourself (which in itself is a form of discrimination against the poor, who need it the most to protect themselves from violence), it’s not enough you must have a background check, not be a felon, not be addicted to drugs or alcohol, not have been deemed mentally incompetent, and other things. But they want to restrict where and what and how you can exercise the little bit of freedom you still have left even more.

Bills to ban “bump-stocks” (SB 456), even though they may have been used in only one crime in the entire USA and even that has not been confirmed. Bills to ban almost every type of rifle or handgun and magazine that holds more than a certain number of rounds (10) (HB 219), and even a Bill to require a person who wants to carry a concealed firearm undergo a mental health exam and pass it (HB 269). There are many more anti-rights bills but those are a few examples.

Then there are the champions of our rights who are trying to get some rights restored by filing bills to lessen restrictions on where you can carry firearms, like in places of worship that have schools (HB 113) and allowing certain citizens to carry concealed firearms on school property if they are designated by the school administration or board (HB 621). Even a bill that would greatly expand the places citizens could carry firearms if they were involved in certain activities (SB 1242, which as of yesterday was not considered in the Judiciary Committee, effectively killing the bill).

But what is missing in this whole process is the Florida Citizens who are concerned about their rights. You mention these issues to most people and unless they are concealed weapons license holders, they are almost to a person, completely apathetic. Having the attitude that if it does not affect them directly it does not affect them at all. They also do not see a need to make their voices heard. While this can be understood in today’s immediate gratification world and the information overload we get every day from the media and internet, you would think that at least most people would be concerned about a loss or further restriction of a Constitutionally protected right.

Then there are the concealed weapon permit holders. Those that would be directly affected by these bills. In Florida, we have over 1.8 MILLION concealed weapons license holders. The most in the nation. Yet when you inform people of these bills and tell people how and why the bill is a good or bad bill, you seem to get a yawn out of most. They have that same energy as a stationary object and the laws of physics seem to apply to their taking part in the political process.

Newton’s First Law. Newton’s First Law states that an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force.

This seems to apply very well to most people today. They see the political process as something that does not involve them. It is always something that they either will not take part in, or find too hard to understand and unwilling to do so much as even send an email to a legislator voicing their concerns or support on an issue. It is sad, and disheartening to see and hear this.

Just imagine the impact on a legislator if they all of a sudden received a couple of hundred thousand emails, or phone calls, telling them that these citizens they represent do or do not want a certain bill to pass. Even better imagine if a couple of hundred people showed up at the capital to speak to the committees in support or against a particular bill. What if just 50 people packed the chamber for the hearing all united on one issue? Would it help? Of course, it would, there is no way it could not.

So why then is it that only a handful of people seem to really want to or are willing to take the few minutes out of their week to email someone or share a message about a bill that would do these things to Florida’s law-abiding citizens? Why is there such apathy in the state with the most concealed carry licenses of all the states? Why are my fellow citizens so lazy, or uninformed, or even unwilling to do something about their own rights being restricted or expanded? That is the million dollar question!

Now is the time for people to become involved in the process that controls their very rights and how you can exercise them. We are at a point in this country when we are very divided and polarized by certain issues, but when it comes to your Constitutional Rights, there are only 2 sides. Those for your rights, and those wanting to restrict them. They will use things like mass murderers, emotions, and sometimes even outright lies to try and convince the uninformed it is for their own good and “safety” that you have fewer rights than before. DO NOT BE FOOLED! Freedom is not safe and it never was meant to be. Your safety and that of your family is your responsibility and no one else. Not even the police are responsible for your safety (Read the US Supreme Court decisions on this if you don’t believe me).

The old saying is as true today as it was many years ago when it was first spoken, but I am taking liberty and modifying it a bit to fit the times we are in: “For evil to succeed, all that is needed is for good, law-abiding people to do nothing, and they will lose the very right’s they so cherish.” Become informed, read, listen, and become involved in groups that represent your views and rights, otherwise, you may not have them in the very near future!


Florida House Bill 6073 is a DANGEROUS BILL!

Our Florida Legislators sometimes do things or put forth Bills that are a little out there. Meaning they stretch the limits of common sense and sometimes address issues that are non-existent. This Bill is way beyond those limits. It is literally a Bill that removes common sense and the rights of people to defend themselves in their own homes!

The first part of the Bill repeals all of Florida State Statute 776.013, “Home protection; use or threatened use of deadly force; presumption of fear of death or great bodily harm.” Which would mean that you cannot use deadly force in your home to stop an intruder and would have to retreat or try and avoid the confrontation? You would have to be physically attacked or otherwise attacked before you could use deadly force.

The second part of the Bill deletes the “stand your ground” clause and means that defense attorney’s for criminals could attack you for not trying to run away!

Basically, this Bill tries to take away a person’s right to self-defense in your home and anywhere else you have the right to be. This would take us back to the days of court battles as to why didn’t you try and leave your home and call the police?
This is a terrible Bill! One we must make sure never sees the light of a committee hearing and if it does, it needs to die a quick and sudden death of a Bill that violates people’s right to self-defense, and the sanctity of our home!

Florida House Bill 6073, by Rep. Jones, is one that we MUST make sure our Representatives know we as freedom loving Floridians and those that believe in the right to self-defense in our own homes do not support and we will make sure that those who support this Bill are not forgotten! We cannot allow this Bill to move forward!

Here is the link to the Bill’s page –…/Bills/billsdetail.aspx…

It has been assigned to these Committees:

– Criminal Justice Subcommittee
– Justice Appropriations Subcommittee
– Judiciary Committee

So if you value your right to defend your home, and yourself when you are out and about. And believe that you should not have to run away before you choose to defend yourself, you need to let your Representatives and those in these committees know your feelings on the issue!

Here is an email format you can copy and paste:

Dear Representative ____________,

I am a freedom loving Floridian. I believe in the right of the individual to defend themselves against violence and unlawful attacks. I also believe in ones right to defend our home from unlawful intrusions.

I am writing to you to ask you to vote against House Bill 6073! It is an insult to the basic human right of self-defense. It attacks the right of citizens to defend themselves in their own homes and wherever they have the legal right to be. Why would we want to take away the right of Florida’s law-abiding citizens to defend themselves? This is a Bill without a problem and one that removes basic rights.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and I trust you will vote against the Bill as we the people of Florida do not support it in any version.

Your name.

Thank you for taking the time to write your Representatives and making sure they understand that the majority of Floridians do not support this ridiculous Bill.

The Walther PPQ & PPQ 45! Better than I expected?

Well, today I met the US Vice President of Sales for Walther Arms, and one of the Engineers from Germany, Peter Dalhammer. They were visiting the academy to speak to GPD and others about what it is in firearms that Americans and especially American law enforcement is looking for any problems we have found in our current weapons systems (Glock).


Well after listening to all the typical issues with Glocks we have found over the years, we went out to the range to shoot the new Walther handguns. WOW! Talk about nice firearms and easy to shoot and accurate! I have not shot a Walther in a long time and I see I have been missing out on a few things. The ambidextrous slide stop, the magazine release and other things about it were just really nice and well designed. We shot the Walther PPQ & PPQ45. What a really nice firearm!


The angle of the grip seems more natural than the Glocks I am used to (and own!) You do not have to adjust your wrist angle to make the firearm level and line up naturally on target. It just does it automatically when you raise the weapon to eye level. The extended and enlarged slide stop/release is VERY nice! Makes using it 100% easier than my Glocks.


Accuracy is not an issue, they were all dead on. The takedown is really nice also, much easier than the Glock is. So for those who are learning to clean firearms and also shoot a nice solidly built handgun, these are top notch! We may be getting a few for T&E and if so I will be doing a much more in-depth write up of the weapons systems and how they perform.

Shot with the Walther PPQ 45. Now when we get some to test, we will do a much more in-depth exam and test for you and post the results here!!