Florida House Bill 175, Needs a Fair Hearing!


Fla House Bill 175 (HB 175) – Repealing provision of Chapter 790 relating to seizure of firearms because of disability, repealing the 21-year-old age limit for purchase of firearms (including rifles), defining “handgun” and repealing the waiting period for purchase of long guns, repealing the “bump fire stock ban, and repeals the “risk protection orders” seizure of firearms.

HB 175 has been assigned to committees for hearing and review. Yesterday afternoon (01/16/2017) HB 175 by Rep. Hill and Sabatini was referred to the following committees: Criminal Justice Subcommittee, Justice Appropriations Subcommittee, Judiciary Committee. While it has not been scheduled for any hearings yet, if you are a firearms rights and Constitutional supporter you should support this Bill. It is time to make your voices heard. This Bill needs to be scheduled for hearings and a committee vote.

The Chairs of each committee decide what Bills get heard, and they can stop a Bill dead in its tracks by simply ignoring it. If they do not take it up for hearing, it dies a quiet death. We want this Bill to be heard and we need to make sure they know it has support from the law-abiding firearms owners of Florida.

Please take a few minutes in the next couple of days to email or call the Chair of the Criminal Justice Subcommittee, Rep. James “J.W.” Grant and Vice Chair Rep. Stan McClain and tell them to put the Bill up for hearing and a vote and that you, a law-abiding citizen of Florida support it! They have a meeting scheduled Jan 23rd, 2019 but the Bill is not on the agenda yet. Let’s see if we can get that changed!

Emails: James “J.W.” Grant – james.grant@myfloridahouse.gov  

Twitter: @JamesGrantFl, Phone: (850) 717-5064

                Stan McClain – stan.mcclain@myfloridahouse.gov  Twitter: @RepMcClain, Phone: (850) 717-5023

While many of us feel very strongly about the Unconstitutional issues this Bill would fix, please be respectful and concise when emailing to them. We want them to be on our side, not against it.

In the Subject line, please include “Support HB 175” as part of your subject.

If you happen to be on Twitter I also use it at @CmdrCW, but I may not be as tolerant of the anti-rights people there as I am here. 😉